Meet Blacktop

A Technology Designed To Improve Dealership Profitability


Franchised dealers

An estimated $6 Billion in dealership operating profit evaporated in two years


In Profit Leaks

Blacktop found an average of $800,000 in lost profits/year for the average dealer. Calculate your profit leaks here.


Time available

Department managers can improve department profits with as little as 20 minutes a day on Blacktop

We Are Solving A BIG Problem

We cannot sell our way into more profit. We have to work smarter.

Since 2015, dealership profit margins have fallen due to many external factors out of dealership control BUT there are many hidden profit leaks (and opportunities) that lie undetected beneath dealer financial statements. Blacktop will find them and help dealers recoup profits through a combination of data and behavior change. In layman terms:

- Data. Don't be scared. Stop looking at operating data as non-usable files in your attics, clunky Excel sheets and online dashboards. Data is the new oil. While we will have LOTS of your data to review at your leisure, Blacktop is designed to show you important data. Data that can improve profits. Data that warns you of possible fraud. Data that alerts you to expense creep.

- Behavior Change. During our pilot we realized very quickly that simply making data available would not elicit more profits. We studied dealership manager behavior, in our store and others, and built a platform that 1) teaches managers what the data means 2) possible strategies they can use to improve and 3) a daily accountability platform where they can carry out these changes. Oh, and we don't just show negative data, it also highlights their wins!

As a dealer, I can honestly say that we can no longer sell ourselves into greater profitability. We (us and our employees) have to work smarter. I am building a platform to do just that.

Get Involved.

We have a few more spots open in our pilot program. We are looking for forward thinking dealers and general managers who want to run a more profitable business to pilot Blacktop this year. Please contact us to learn more.