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Who We Are

How it all started. Aside from filing papers in my teenage years, I'd never worked in the dealership so I had a steep learning curve when I joined at 35 years of age. My first week in, I asked "Where is the data?" and was handed a financial statement. Surely this can't be it . . . Our General Motors store had seven (7) different departments that operated on completely different business models. How could I manage with this simple PDF doc? I later learned through our own study - 87% of dealers only use the OEM-generated financial statement to run their business. I wasn't alone.

A big vision. With profit margins continuing to decline, I searched for a technology to help run a more efficient, profitable business but couldn't find one. So I decided to build it myself. Cue Blacktop. Blacktop combines data, business intelligence, behavior change, education and accountability so dealership owners and managers can climb back up the profit curve.

About our Founder. Prior to taking over for my father (I'm a fourth generation car dealer), I worked in management consulting and later went on to start and sell a software company in the autism space. So this isn't my first rodeo in business or software.  However, I can honestly say that running a franchised dealership is the most challenging professional endeavor I've had yet. I've grown to love this industry and my goal with Blacktop is to build an affordable platform that actually helps dealerships make more money by running a better business. We can no longer rely on sales to shore up profits. We have to work smarter.

If you have questions or want to learn more about Blacktop, please feel free to contact me at 917.213.4183 (call or text) or jmartin@blacktopbi.com If you need a new car, I can help you with that as well. :)

Coffee's for closers,

Janet Martin-Clark
Dealer and Owner, Martin Chevrolet Buick GMC
Founder, Blacktop

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